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How to Recover Lost WordPress Password?

We have quite a number of blogger clients who are on WordPress. Sometimes, it is quite common for us to forget our admin password especially when we have several active blogs and email accounts at the same time.

What will you do if you have forgotten the password for your self-host WordPress blog? Normally, we would just click the “Lost your password?” to recover. However,  in a localhost environment, configurations may vary from machine to machine. Most of the time “Lost your password?” will not work as email system is either not supported or not properly setup.

In this article, we are going to show you the alternative to reset your password by login to your web-based control panel.

The Problem

Whenever you have forgotten your password or username, or both, WordPress suggest you use the “Lost your password?” function to help recover but email system was not properly setup in your localhost? Here’s the alternative!

The Solution

Login to cPanel /Direct Admin. The URL should be http://localhost/cpanel for cPanel or http://localhost:2222 for Direct Admin (it might vary depending on configurations). Click on phpMyAdmin.


Direct Admin

Under phpMyAdmin. Look for the database name on the left sidebar. In our case,  it is called “wordpress“.

Click “wordpress to see its tables. Look for *_users, in our case it is called wp_users. Click it and you will notice a page change on the right frame. user_login shows your username(s), whereas user_pass shows your actual password. However, the actual password you have entered previously is unreadable and unusable now.

To reset your password (or edit the data for the specific user), Click on the “Pen” icon.

Look for “user_pass” field. Select “MD5” for the Function dropdown, and change its value to a new password, in our case the new password is call “admin. Click GO once you are done.

That’s it! You’ve just changed the password for username admin to “admin“.

This tip is contributed by Sandesh Sethi, founder of – a blog about designing, blogging and money making.

New Dedicated Server Packages

ServerFreak has been providing quality dedicated servers at affordable prices. We always our best to provide the best and updated server specifications to our valued customers.

Once again, we have updated and re-launched three new dedicated server packages with new pricing!

Economy – Dedicated Server

Intel Pentium Dual Core
2048MB DDR2
1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs

At RM400/month

Waived setup fee for quarterly subscription
5% discount
for semi-annually subscription
10% discount
for annually subscription

Mid-Level – Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon Quad Core 3430
2 x 500GB SATA2
1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs

At RM650/month

Waived setup fee for quarterly subscription
5% discount
for semi-annually subscription
10% discount
for annually subscription

Performance – Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon Quad Core 5504
2 x 1TB SATA2
1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs

At RM1,150/month

Waived setup fee for quarterly subscription
5% discount
for semi-annually subscription
10% discount
for annually subscription

Need to know more? Please visit for more details on our newly launched dedicated server packages!

Our servers are securely located at Jaring IDC, TPM, Malaysia. The data centers have been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. For more information on our data centers, please visit

How to Create Animated Shine with Photoshop?

Like this cool effect? In this post, we are going to provide the tutorial on how to create this animated shine effect with Photoshop. Now, you can add a little bit of fun into your blog!


Step 1: Open up an image or artwork file in Photoshop of any size or format.

Step 2: Create a new layer on top of all the other layers, I called it “Shine“.

Step 3: Make a selection with your Polygon Lasso Tool as shown in the second image below.

Step 4: Now select the Gradient Tool and make sure “Linear Gradient” is chosen.

Step 5: Select the “Foreground to Transparent gradient, and make sure the color is a light color. In this tutorial, I have chosen white color.

Step 6: Drag the Gradient Tool from the back to the front of your selection, try to keep the line at a 90 degree angle to your selection.

Step 7: Select the layer/object you want it to be shined using the Magic Lasso Tool.

Step 8: Select the “Shine” layer once again (make sure you do not deselect your selection) and on the bottom of the layers palette click the “Add Layer Mask” button.

Step 9: Now click on the link icon once (it will vanish, meaning that the layer and the mask are no longer linked). You can now freely move your shine effect (hold the “Shift” key when you move).

Step 10: Go to Window>Animation. For the first frame, move the shine off of the image (just drag it to the very front of your image), then click on the “Duplicate Frame” button.

Step 11: Click on the second frame, move the shine to the back of the image, as shown below.

Step 12: Click on the first frame once again, and click on the “Tweens Animation Frames” button. A Tween window will appear, and you can enter the number of frames to add. In this tutorials, I inserted 5 frames. After that, you can select the delay time of each frame. I think “No Delay” works pretty well.

Save your file as .gif

That’s all for creating an animated shine. Hope you have fun!

Blogger of the Month

We appreciate and understand the importance of bloggers to our business. In appreciation to our blogger clients, we organize the “Blogger of the Month”!

What you get?

  1. Free Publicity of Your Blog at our WOW Website!
    You may design a customized online banner of your blog and send it to us (banner size: 550px x 344px). We will frame and post your banner to our Frisky page. Your banner will link to your blog. **Pornographic images and any image that involved cruelty or violence to humans or animals/wildlife will not be permitted.
  2. Cold Hard CASH!!!
    Yes, we pay you cash as commission.


How to participate?

**Isn’t it a Win-Win situation we would like to promote?

Who can Participate?

ServerFreak’s blogger clients only, including bloggers who have previously signed up for our Affiliate program.

For Our Affiliate

What if you are a blogger client of ServerFreak, and you have previously signed up for our Affiliate program? No worries! You can still sign up for this competition in few simple steps.

When can you Participate?

Anytime from 1st August 2010 onwards.

What is the Evaluation Criteria?

Basically is the SALES VALUE in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) that is generated through your referral. In other words, it is the sales generated when someone click into the ServerFreak banner which you posted on your blog and he/she had made a purchase of any ServerFreak services. The TOTAL sales generated in a month will be accumulated and calculated at the end of every month (i.e. 31st August 2010).

When will you Get Paid?

When your commission achieves RM100.00, you will be able to request payment by clicking on the Request Withdrawal button that will be appeared when you achieving the amount.

How will you Get Paid?

After we have received your request to withdraw the balance, we will pay you through Maybank2U, Interbank Transfer or Paypal.


Email us at or sign up now at the same email address!

What is Web Hosting?

How Websites Can Be Viewed Online? Web Hosting & Domain Name Explained

To those who are new in the online world, this article may benefit you and hopefully will give you a good understanding on how exactly you are able to view all the websites you have been viewing online.

All the websites you view today be it,, and even this very page you are viewing now under does not exist automatically. These names (,, are known as domain names. These domain names are then hosted on servers so that you and I can finally view it online.

Website, Web Hosting and Domain Name are three DIFFERENT things.

Website is just pages of contents that you have written or built. Without Web Hosting and Domain Name, people will not be able to locate (find) your website.

So, in layman’s term web hosting is your house where you can store all your furniture, clothes, toys,  kitchen utensils (your website content or pages)  and in order that people are able to find your house (your website), you need to have an address ( which is your domain name ).

In a nutshell, web hosting refers to “storage space for your website” while domain name refers to “address” that people will need to look for in order to find your website.

Which Web Hosting Package is the BEST for You?

Hosting package

The choice of hosting package depends on your storage requirement.

If you are business owner and wish to create a website for your company, we would highly recommend you to go for Semi-Pro package (25GB storage)  as this package comes with FREE unlimited SSL to all domains hosted under this package. Read more on Why you need SSL. Not just that, this package also comes with 1 Free Lifetime Domain where you can choose from .com/.biz/.net. This means as long as you subscribed to our hosting package, we will renew your domain for FREE!


As the storage allocated for each package are for email accounts and website, we would highly recommend to go for Value package (10GB storage) and above if you wish to host a website and at the same time need to create email account.

Meanwhile, if you need hosting for email, and wish to create minimum 10 email accounts, you may start with Basic package (3GB storage) and upgrade whenever your need arises

From the storage allocated, you can allocate on how many GB for each email accounts and your website.


Domain Allowed

Domain allowed in each hosting may differ from each package. This show on how many website you can host under each package with the allocated storage.

FREE Unlimited SSL

If you already subscribed to our Semi-Pro hosting package don’t forget to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL with this tutorial on How you can easily issue FREE SSL cert  for all your domain hosted under the Semi-Pro plan and above



Some of you might still wondering, what is bandwidth, it simply means total amount of data (calculated in MB/GB) viewed/uploaded/downloaded by your visitors within a month. Total of bandwidth usage will collected everyday until end of the month. Whether you have maximized the  bandwidth or not, the bandwidth will be reset again to zero (0) on the following month.


Powered  by Litespeed

This simply means that LiteSpeed Web Server is used instead of using the traditional Apache web server, which provides large boost in performance to your WordPress website.


Optimized for WordPress

Our hosting package fully optimized for WordPress


What’s the difference between WordPress hosting and cpanel shared hosting?

This package is designed for users that use WordPress as their website platform and normally

WordPress website requires high resource especially when there are many plugins used on the website. Thus,  WordPress Hosting has been designed to has more resource allocation in terms (CPU/RAM and ‘Concurent Process’)  compared to cpanel shared hosting. See Linux Shared Hosting Account Resources Allocation Table


If you are seeing error 508 on your site, this means that your resources limit has reached the maximum. You can proceed to upgrade your package to the next package. Please use this tutorial to upgrade your package or simply reach us to know how much you should topup for the upgrade.

How should I start with this hosting package?

Once the payment cleared, you should receive new account information send to your registered email account with ServerFreak. From here you can look for information on cpanel login credentials. Login to your cpanel account and you may start with this WordPress Easy Setup

If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us at


How to export Blogger to ServerFreak hosting package

You may export all text and photos to WordPress, but please note that you are unable to export widgets and templates from Blogspot to WordPress.

To export from Blogspot to WordPress, kindly refer this tutorial

If you are not sure on how to do this, kindly provide us your Blogspot login details with the domain hosting name that you wish to migrate. Our technical support will assist you on this.





Merdeka Promotion (15 July – 31 Aug)

Malaysia is celebrating her 53rd birthday this year! In conjunction of the 53rd Merdeka celebration, ServerFreak is going to have TWO Merdeka promotions to satisfy your hosting needs.

Elite – Linux Shared Hosting Package

Always looking for more bandwidth for your hosting? Here’s the chance!

Sign up our Elite package today and get yourself Additional Bandwidth of 53GB for FREE!

Promotion Coupon Code: elite53merdeka

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is applicable for new sign-up and renewal of the Elite Linux Shared Hosting package during the promotion period only.
  2. This promotion is applicable for annually and bi-annually subscriptions only.
  3. This promotion is applicable for referral commission.
  4. This promotion is not applicable for any payment received after the promotion period even though the order is placed before the promotion ends.
  5. This promotion is valid from 15th July 2010 until 31st August 2010.
  6. Free Lifetime Domain applies to the following extensions only: .com, .net, .biz, .name, .org and .info. The free domain registration is applicable for annually and bi-annually subscriptions only.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Sign up any of our VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages, and get yourself 52 weeks of FREE Full Management plus one (1) FREE Domain which worth RM700 per year!

Promotion Coupon Code: vps53merdeka

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promotion is applicable for new sign-up and renewal of our VPS services during the promotion period only.
  2. This promotion is applicable for VPS10, VPS25 and VPS50 packages only.
  3. This promotion is applicable for annually subscription only.
  4. This promotion is applicable for referral commission.
  5. This promotion is not applicable for any payment received after the promotion period even though the order is placed before the promotion ends.
  6. This promotion is valid from 15th July 2010 until 31st August 2010.
  7. Free Lifetime Domain applies to the following extensions only: .com, .net, .biz, .name, .org and .info. The free domain registration is applicable for annually subscription only.

Special Affiliate Program (SAP)

A GOOD NEWS for all Web Design Companies!

Appreciating the “Unity is Strength” principle, ServerFreak always understand how important are the web design companies meant to our business.

All web design companies are now invited to join our Special Affiliate Program (SAP) – a partnership with ServerFreak!

What is Special Affiliate Program (SAP)?

Special Affiliate Program (SAP) is a partnership specially opened for ALL web design companies as our ServerFreak‘s Accredited Partners. By joining this program, web design companies (our accredited partners) will be offered several customized web hosting packages which they can re-offer to their clients. As our accredited partners, you will be paid 10% commission from each package that is signed up by the clients. To emphasize more on the “win-win” situation, the company banner ad from our accredited partners will also be posted at the ServerFreak website.

What You Get?

  1. Commission
    You will be able to get 10% commission from each package that is signed up by the customers through your referral.
  2. Free Publicity
    Your company banner ad (inclusive of your company logo and contact details) will be posted at the ServerFreak website as our Accredited Partner.
  3. Custom Web Hosting Package
    We understand the competitiveness in this industry; in order to meet your need, we customize our web hosting packages for your company. Of course, these customized packages come with a more affordable price too!

Who Are We?

ServerFreak Technologies Sdn Bhd was established in 2003, and since then the company has become one of the fastest growing hosting provider in Malaysia.

ServerFreak facilitates small business development on the web through its secure featured pack shared web hosting services. We aim to make it simple and affordable for you to get your business websites online as quickly and easily as possible. Through our own experience, we understand that speed to market is vital and we are committed to helping you through every step of launching your web presence.

Why ServerFreak?

  • No hidden fees, no setup fees, you simply pay what you see!
  • Crazy amount of web space!
  • Quality Dual Core Xeon or Quad Core Xeon servers
  • Multiple control panel to choose from: cPanel, DirectAdmin and H-Sphere
  • Latest technology used to power the hosting plans: Simply Fast and Reliable!
  • We are not reseller, we own our hardware and equipment!

Our Server Specifications

Starting from:
Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon 5520 with 16 Virtual Core
8X300GB RAID10 SAS 15K RPM Hard Disk
Gigabit LAN

How to Participate?

Step 1

Email us at

Step 2

Receive an email from ServerFreak for registration

Step 3

Receive second email from ServerFreak with your special order link

Step 4

Start selling

Step 5

Send us your company banner ad

Step 6

Receive your commission monthly

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Looking forward for a long term business relationship with you soon!