10 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks (Part 1/5)

1. HOW TO: Add a Dislike Option to Your Status Update

“Like” buttons are everywhere on Facebook. We can like a shared video, like a friend’s status, like a photo, or even like a comment. We can choose to “Unlike” something after clicking the “Like” button, BUT  is there a “Dislike” button for us to dislike or disagree something on Facebook? Or, if you want to update your status or share something that your friends can actually “Dislike”? Yes, we know your friends can choose to “comment” on your post, but where’s the fun in that?

Here’s an application on Facebook called Status Magic which allows you to add a “Dislike” button to any status updates posted. Guess what? You can even customize the second emotion to anything, such as “Love”, “Hate”, “Disagree” or even “LOL”.

2. HOW TO: Hide Status Updates From Certain People

Did you know? If you click “Account” on the top right of your Facebook page, you will find the “Privacy Settings” where you can select whether everyone, just friends or friends of friends can see your status updates.

However, there is a way to narrow those options down even further.

You can select specific friend lists to see your status (relevant for work, special interest groups, etc.) or even individual people by name, which is useful for anyone organizing a surprise party.

To take advantage of these options, click the “padlock” icon just below your “what’s on your mind” box on your wall and a drop down menu should appear. Selecting “customise” will bring up more options such as “Make this visible to” and “Hide this from” with the option to make your selection a default.

[To be continued…]

Thanks to the contributor: Amy-Mae Elliott

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