Paper Architecture

There are several talented people all over the world who come up with new and unique ideas and art forms. The photos here are another such unique art which involves architecture. The building and structures seen here are made from a single sheet of paper. Each paper has been folded and cut the right way to create these beautiful structures and making one of these takes a lot of time too. One of the main pains that the artist needs to do is make prototypes of the structures with several papers before being able to perfect the right one. Making these can take an effort and requires immense amounts of patience. Learning this art is very difficult because one needs to know exactly how to cut and bend the paper and one single mistake can cost the entire structure to be spoilt. Paper architecture has been gaining a lot of popularity and more and more people are understanding the art that goes behind making these structures.

Which of these buildings/structures below have you been to? Do you know their exact location?ย  Let’s enjoy a PAPER tour to all over the globe!

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