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Dedicated IP vs Shared IP Address

What is IP Address?

The meaning has been expressed in the name itself – ‘address’. As each of the houses has their own mailing address; website and domain name has their own address (numeric form) in the internet. The IP Address is a unique way to find your site in the World Wide Web. It is poised of four numbers whose digits are 0–255 separated by periods (-) or dots (.) for an example 123.456.7.890. There are several IP addresses as static, fixed or dedicated and shared.

Who need a Dedicated IP and Shared IP?

Dedicated IP

Is a sole address which is only belongs to your website and domain name. You can access your website by typing or http:// 123.456.7.890/ in the browser. Dedicated IP is mostly used by a user who wants to own the Private Secure Sockets Layers Certificate (SSL). If you are running a business based on website which may includes merchant accounts, accept credit cards and payments or you need to transfer some important quotations and files; you may need the Dedicated IP. Besides that, large or busy sites as cooperates sites couldn’t use a Shared IP because they can be snowed under a sudden high traffic loads. So those sites can choose the dedicated server hosting with a Dedicated IP. Nevertheless, it cost more than a Shared IP but yet it has more control on the server.

Shared IP

Shared IP is shared by two or more websites and domains. Most small or medium sites as blogs, forums will use the Shared IP. Before the Shared IP address was created every domain was coupled up with an IP address. But because of the rapid growth of websites+domains and finite number of available IP addresses, Shared IP system was introduced. The system didn’t disappoint anyone as servers are able to match the domain name even there are numbers of users in the servers.  Those who are not affordable for a SSL Certificate to encrypt your online transactions not to be worry because you can use other alternative for a payment service as PayPal. For the question; Is Shared IP is slow to access compared to Dedicated IP and the answer would be definitely NOT. The speed of a website depends on the server speed and type of server where the site is hosted, not type of IP!

Dedicated IP address is requisite for the special access to your website like SSL Certificate. Evaluate your needs and if you have no unique requirements, Shared IP address will be fine for you.

All You Need To Know About Web Designers [Infographic]

This infographic is brought to you by Tech King.

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In summary, a typical web designer will be a…

“A young white man who was a degree graduate and works as a developer now in North & Central America. He started as a freelancer for 2 years and he changes his job to a new organization approximately every 2 years. He works averagely 7 hours a day in the design field for more than 10 years with an average salary of $40-59k. He works in his home office conveniently and obtains most inspirations from other designers’ work. He used to blogging for more than 10 years.”

Do you agree with that?

Rent A Movie by Just ‘LIKE’ It

Movie lovers AND Facebook users… Check this out!!!!!!

Do you ever wish to watch movie and chat with your Facebook friend at a same time?

Your dream has come true.  How? A Hollywood studio and a social networking have teamed up to entertain the movie lovers by renting films through online. Yes, it’s true. Warner Bros. studio is a first Hollywood studio to offer movie rental through Facebook.

On Tuesday 8th of March 2011, Warner Bros. announced it will allow Facebook users to rent and watch movies in browser. How it works? For 30 Facebook credits or $3, users can rent movies through their Facebook account for 48 hours. The most interesting part is while they are watching movie; viewers will have full Facebook functionality where they can post comments on the movie, chat with their friends and also can update their status.

The honor as the first movie is given to the famous movie “The Dark Knight”. This was one of my favorite movies as I couldn’t forget the character “The Joker” acted by Heath Ledger. I still remember the lies The Joker will tell to the victims about his torn mouth.

Starting on Tuesday, the Facebook users in United States can start to click “LIKE” the official page of “The Dark Knight” and can “rent” the movie. They will have the full control to watch it in full screen, minimized, paused and resumed simply by logging back to Facebook within the 48 hours. I can’t wait to watch it in Facebook but….

At the moment the online movie rental service on Facebook only available in the United States. We just can hope there will be a good outcome and Warner Bros. can expand to other countries and with lots of more movies.

This is a certainly a major twist in the movie streaming industrial landscape.

Domain Life Cycle

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The illustration above shows the five stages of the domain life-cycle.

It is crucial to have knowledge about your domain name. Your DOMAIN is your IDENTITY. Don’t let it to be grabbed by others. So don’t let your domain name to be expired!

3D Printer Technology

The root idea of three-dimensional (3D) printing technology is generated from the prototyping collaborate with the ink jet systems. 3D printing tech is a form of additive manufacturing which produce three dimensional products in colours.  This technology was introduced in the year 1986, but it was not famous until 1990’s. Since 2000 this technology is growing bigger because the cost of 3D printers is cheaper and affordable along it is hands-free post process. Before this technology was introduced, it usually took several days for a skilled labour to create a (one) prototype. It is capable of building extreme geometries and detailed small features and thin wall models. 3D technology is being widely used in many fields such as jewellery, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, education, aerospace, and medical industries. A large number of competing technologies are available to do 3D printing.

How does a 3D printing system work? Or a 3D object be created?

A 3D printer operates by loading a 3D computer file and multiple layers are printed, piled on top of each other and coloured with standard printing inks. More specifically, 3D Printers perform 5 basic process functions to create a three-dimensional modal.

  1. The Print Surface is fed with a unique powder (e.g. plaster, corn starch and resins).
  2. The powder is spread on print surface by a roller at a preset depth and this process complete within seconds.
  3. After that, colour is applied to the powder’s initial layer by the inkjet print heads.
  4. The solidification of powdered layer takes place.
  5. The lowering of print surface for powder’s another layer is enabled.

These process repeat until a whole perfect 3D object is created and it is considered as one of the fastest method.

There are lot methods of printing. Each technology has its own merits and demerits. The productive of the 3D printer’s dependent of size quantity and complexity. Nonetheless, the main factors to be considered are speed of finishing, cost of the object and the printer, materials used (powder or polymer) and colour capabilities.