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One Server, One User

A dedicated server is referred as renting a server from a hosting company with a small capital by a (one) client. This server is recommended for cooperates site, high traffic forums, online gaming (because of the large storage or size of hard disk, ram and bandwidth) and those who want to have separate mail systems, web and database servers.

Wikipedia define Dedicated Server as “A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone.” Dedicated server has high total resources and performance compare to any other hosting services. This is because the client will own the entire server and it is not shared with others. One server, one user.

The privacy will be higher as the customization is dependent on the customer needs. The client will have the complete control including the choice of data centres, operating system, hardware and configuration of the server system. Other benefits are the data stored in the dedicated server will not be affected easily as there are no other users to cause problems. Data access is faster and high traffic is easily accommodated as they will not face the risk slowed down or swamped with traffic. Besides the client, nobody else has the permission or access to the server as the result security of dedicated server is higher.

It has no restriction on the bandwidth or CPU utilization and ideal for advanced users who want maximum freedom and flexibility. Most shared servers share a single IP address and have site traffic directed by the server; in contrast dedicated server has its own unique IP address. In the dedicated server a client can host unlimited websites and send unlimited emails per hour.

Dedicated servers are usually kept inside a data centres so they may be monitored by the hosting providers. An IT literal person is required to handle the dedicated server as the client will assign IT technicians to controls and maintains the server software. Meanwhile the service provider will monitor the computer’s hardware, network connectivity and routing equipment.

Besides choosing the dedicated server, placing it in a data centre is important too. Data centre must be accommodate with the basic facilities as redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. Choosing a hosting provider equal to choosing a dedicated server and data centre.

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Have you heard the word “Overselling”? What does that mean? Is it necessary for you to know about it? Yes! OVER-SELL-ING means selling a product beyond the limitation. What does it do with the web hosting? It has the key for the server performance. In the web hosting arena it is mainly talks about the disk space and bandwidth.

Let me give you an example for more understanding. A web hosting provider might have a server with 10GB hard drive and 100GB of bandwidth.  The provider starts to sell the product with a package; 1GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth for 150$ USD. 10 clients have bought the plans and the hosting provider is now has sold the complete server. The income is 1500$ USD. But then the company has identified the total usage of the disk and bandwidth is 5GB and 70GB only for the past 5 months by their 10 customers. In this situation ‘OVERSELLING’ plays its role.

The particular web hosting provider tends to sell more 20 or 1000 plans from the same server assuming their clients wouldn’t use the total allocated space and bandwidth for them every month. They are particularly selling their clients’ allocated space to others. The hosting provider may earn double or triple income on the same server. OR the hosting provider may tends to offer the plan at the cheapest price since a server ‘can’ accommodate more than 1000 websites but did anyone think about the server performance?

This gambling or over usage may go in a smooth way without clients realising it. But, there will be symptoms soon or later. The problem will arise when there are some or most of the clients’ sites get high traffics or peak hours at a same time. The extra bandwidth is engaged with other web sites on the same server.  In the result, the server will have the difficulties to performe better as it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support the websites.

There are certain hosting provider give priority for the quality of the server performance and the satisfaction of the customers. Meanwhile some clients give the importance for their website speed and more concern on the downtime. The quota or the prices paying by these clients will be higher but guarantee of the technical support and server uptime will be there for them.

P.S. Does the meaning of the word ‘unlimited’ exist?

Shared Hosting versus Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting? As emphasized before, the choice is dependent on the hosting needs for your business or personal requirement. The big organization’s needs or heavy traffic sites wouldn’t be accommodated in the shared hosting. There are differences between the Shared Server and Cloud Server in certain areas which influence the decision of choosing the best hosting package. There are some common traits between them as well. Shared Server and Cloud server allow a single server to provide services to multiple users. Both hosting services have some level compartmentalization for the different users’ usage. And more highlighted these are the economical alternative for the dedicated server.

The differences can be rectified by six focal criteria. The criteria are customization, resources, performance, scalability, limitation of email, website, and security. Firstly, the software customization for shared hosting is not allowed but it is allowable for the Cloud Server. The client can choose an operating system, control panels, software based on their convenient. This is included with the root access to the server for the clients. They can reboot at any time. Secondly, the total resources for the Cloud Server are higher compared to the shared hosting server. As the consequences, the performance of the Cloud Server is greater.

Thirdly, the scalability or users per server for shared hosting are roughly 250 users or can be more than that if it is oversold by web hosting providers.  Meanwhile for Cloud server are only 20 users. In the Cloud Server environment, a user will not be affected by other users since the user is isolated from each other in the server. The security level is lower for shared hosting server and higher for Cloud Server.  For an example, an account in the shared hosting is hacked by a hacker and the possibilities other accounts in the same server affected is higher. But if an account hacked in Cloud server, the other accounts won’t be affected.

The limitations of sending emails or host website differ too. In the Cloud server, there is no limitation. The clients can send unlimited emails and host unlimited websites. As reverse, the clients are allowed to send 150 emails only per hour (differ depends on different web hosting providers) and certain figures to host websites in an account for shared hosting.

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The differences of Shared Server and Cloud Server have been simplified in the table below:

table (1)


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Milestone in Online Arena – Reseller Hosting

There are varieties of hosting packages available in the web hosting industry. The most popular would be Shared Hosting.  Each hosting package serves for different hosting need. Are you planning to open your own new web hosting company? But you have limited capital for own server or lack of IT expertise? Let us give you the solution, Reseller Hosting. This hosting plan is suitable for the clients who wish to start a new business of web hosting. Or, in some circumstances, the reseller can be a web design firm, a web developer, a small-business owner or perhaps a website flipper to brand their company products or services.

Wikipedia define Reseller Hosting as a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. In simpler way, the big hosting companies help the small investors by renting them servers or space. The reseller purchases the host service wholesale and sells to their customers for profit. Resellers may think “the allocation for hard drive or bandwidth or packages and price will be fixed by the host” or “the reseller has to sell the host’s products and there are terms and conditions to obey” – the truth is NOT. The reseller will have the full control and authority to design their own package, prices, allocation of disk space or bandwidth as their preferences to sell for their customers.

Besides that, the name server or the brand of your products, it will be provider’s? Definitely not.  It will be your own product and your own brand. You can even have your own custom name server. As provider, we will be well behind you invisibly and support you. Another advantage is that the reseller can concentrate on providing packages and plans to attract customers, without having to (1) own, (2) manage and (3) maintain their own server. In addition, the reseller hosting package allows you to host multiple domains (in fact unlimited domains) – a huge market as everyone wishes to have a website and even small hosting companies can compete with large ones not to forget about the high profit.

Purchase a reseller hosting as your stepping stones in your successful business life. It is a great start where the reseller can grow from a reseller hosting to having own dedicated servers. It can be your great option for online profit.

Build a milestone in online arena.

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