Serverfreak Linux Shared Hosting Packages UPGRADED & Free Upgrade applies to all existing customers !

Serverfreak is proud to announce our newly launched Linux shared hosting packages upgrade! This upgrade is applicable to all our Linux Shared Hosting cPanel & DirectAdmin packages.

This time around, we have invested heavily in powerful storage with the aim of providing our customers more reliable hosting service.  That’s not all; all packages disk space has also been upgraded!

Our newly upgraded packages include the following features :

  • All hosting servers powered by DELL POWEREDGE with RAID 10 Storage
  • Upgrade from SATA to SAS storage and hence more RPM and increase reliability!
  • All packages Disk space upgraded as shown below, good news is there is NO price increase.
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  • PHP 5.3 is NOW supported!
  • Disk space upgraded to bigger space, however we still DO NOT offer “unlimited disk space”.
    There is no such thing as UNLIMITED Disk space, hard drive of a server always has limited amount of space depending on how big the hard drive is, in a matter of capacity.
    There is no such thing as hard drive with unlimited capacity.
    We believe in transparency in dealing with our customers, no marketing gimmicks. We do not practice overselling!

As a gesture of appreciation to all our existing customers for their continuous support and trust towards us, we will be upgrading all existing customers’ packages to the new features for FREE! All upgrades will be done on stages within 14 working days from today.  If you realize your package is not upgraded after 14 working days, please contact our support team.

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