Let’s Encrypt SSL

Want to install SSL but worried about the costs? Worry no more, as Serverfreak brings you a new feature, Let’s Encrypt SSL,that is free of charge, for users who own Semi-pro , Professional and Ultimate packages.

As cyber security threats are on the rise and becoming a common issue for internet users, more and more owners are considering the safety features for their websites. SSL not only provides secure transmission of information, but it is also a tool to gain trusts from customers and visitors of your site. As your trusted hosting provider, Serverfreak encourages our hosting customers to install SSL onto their respective websites for a better, secure website and for better SEO(Search Engine Optimization)! Google has also announced that going HTTPS , by adding a SSL certificate on your site will give you a ranking boost.

For users who thought that they might not need the security that SSL provides, do not easily reject the idea of installing SSL as you might need a website that provides faster and better user performance. For users that are unaware, Serverfreak hosting packages from Value plan and above are powered by Litespeed webserver which provides full HTTP/2 support. This is great for user as HTTP/2 provides new functionality to webmaster to reduce site load times and faster transfer speed but it starts with SSL as HTTP/2 current only runs on HTTPS sites by modern web browser. Hence, SSL is a great asset towards an efficient, secure web. By subscribing to us, you can take advantage of HTTP/2 as well as creating a secured and trusted link between you and your audience by leveraging Malaysia first and largest Litespeed hosting provider.

Thus, Serverfreak is glad to announce that Semi-Pro, Professional and Ultimate package owners may enjoy this feature for FREE! It is a lifetime feature, as long as you are hosted with us, for unlimited domains and subdomains, with no additional costs. So, for those who wish to enjoy Let’s Encrypt SSL , you may upgrade your hosting package to Semi-Pro and above or purchase those packages now. If you have already purchased or owned a semi-pro , professional or ultimate hosting package, you can read on the tutorial to find out how to enable the SSL in cPanel.

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