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ServerFreak Trivia Contest (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Want to win this week’s Trivia contest ?  Please make sure you follow the instructions below carefully:

1.  Go to our Youtube video link here.


2. Press the Play button to play our video (it’s a short video & takes just 1 minute to watch). Make sure you play the video until the end because we’ll check the video views everyday during the contest period.


3. Add your comment at the bottom (under “Add a public comment” section). For example, you can type one of the following sample comments:

Serverfreak is the best provider!
Keep up the good work Serverfreak! 
5 stars for your service! Will recommend Serverfreak to my friends


4.  Press the Thumbs Up button as shown below

5. That’s it! Just wait next week for our winner announcement!

Note: Contestants who did not perform steps 1 to 4 above will be disqualified automatically.