20 Funny and Cool Looking Error 404 Pages

Once in a while you might have bumped into an Error 404 Page while surfing the web right?

Do you know why? Well, that’s because Error 404 page is triggered due to various reasons including typos, spelling mistakes or other unexpected things being out of your control.

However, general Error 404 pages are typically very simple and boring but there are some creative webmasters out there have managed to “spiced” things up with creative designs that will guarantee your visitors smile or even laugh.

Instead of writing in details, why don’t you enjoy what we have compiled here and have a good laugh at some of these funny error pages below?  Hope you like them as much as we do!

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1. Super Mario


2.  Simpson Crazy

3. Naughty Pups



4. Finest Dolls



5. Grave Mistake




6. Kuolo Game (Space Invaders)




7. TWDG (Nintendo)


8. SuchowSki Media (Head Explosion)




9. Rarereview/ Chuck Norris




10. Rather Funny (No Signal)




11.  Cofa Media (TV No Signal)



12. Tech Crunch



13.  Charles Clinkard Fine Footwear (Broken Shoes)



14. Lego.com (Page Not Found)



15. PeoPod Studios



16. Ihatemyroomate.com 



17. ParkPlace Dealership (Back to the Future…)



18. ExamProfessor



19.  Blog Mixer (Dinosaur)



20. QPPE (Ant Eat It….)

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