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ServerFreak : cPanel Price Hike Guide


cPanel has announced a new licensing and pricing structure. All current cPanel Reseller Hosting subscription will have a limitation on cPanel accounts and price change. This licensing structure change goes into effect on 1st October 2019.

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Deprecate Support for Squirrelmail

ServerFreak would like to officially announce the discontinuation of SquirrelMail as Webmail for all of our Linux hosting clients.

For your information, SquirrelMail was added to cPanel back when webmail first became an option for cPanel users more than a decade ago.   It is included as one of the default options for Webmail selection together with Roundcube and Horde until now.


Why SquirrelMail is being removed?

SquirrelMail’s last update was May 30th, 2013, with their last release on July 12, 2011.

The recent security patches cause cPanel to ship SquirrelMail with known security flaws and they decide to deprecate the support of it in future by removing SquirrelMail at WebMail option for new installations of cPanel & WHM in version 76.





Custom Webmail Applications is not supported in shared hosting environment.


Clients that wish to use SquirrelMail in future may consider VPS/Dedicated servers that allow this custom installation by contacting our Sales department: sales@serverfreak.com


ServerFreak will not provide any support or updating for an unmaintained application and it will be the server administrator’s responsibility to keep SquirrelMail up to date if updates are released.


Official News:



Please feel free to contact our team even later on in case you need help during the transition period via Helpdesk or drop a mail into support@serverfreak.com



What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an Auto Installer script which has installed free in the web hosting control panel such as cPanel. It allows the installation of web applications with the click of  few buttons. Numeric applications are available to be easily installed, including web portals, e-commerce shops, content management systems, blogs, forums and more. Most of the applications are open-source and available at zero figure.

There are more than 190 scripts. According to the Softaculous Incorporates, additional scripts are in the making. Before installing the script, user can try the demo and search for an applications based on their convenient. The choice of the scripts can be embarked on the reviews and ratings the users have rated on each script. You can have a look and play ‘web design game’ at this link: http://www.softaculous.com/softwares. The highlight is the script can be installed with just a few ‘clicks’ and it is FAST. The user will not have the headache process of Individual Script installers. “Everything from copying the files to creating a Database is done by Softaculous”- Softaculous Inc. It can also create backups of the software it installs.

What is the significance of these scripts in the web hosting? Softaculous auto installer helps you streamline the design and build your sites. The user can build the website faster and easier as  desired. For example, bloggers can build a gorgeous blog with the WordPress script or forum on phbBB and shop online on Magento in seconds. The scripts are user friendly. Users can manage the website and design it. They can save the cost and money on the web design. The user can choose the theme, image, colour for the background of their website, upload images and many more. There are lot choices of free themes and plugins available for each of the scripts to choose from. You can build your website by yourself.

Softaculous provides better security as it is pre-configured for strong security. The updates of the applications are faster and will frequently update every hour with the latest version. Softaculous always tries to upgrade each of the scripts and provide better options for the users.