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How to Choose the Best Hosting Plan for Your Website

Many factors come into play before an individual or organization decides to purchase a hosting plan. It could range from cost factor, specifications of the server, server security, special features and many more. So what defines the best hosting plan for your requirement? It means choosing a web hosting plan with the right features and sufficient capacity while at the same time keeping your costs as low as possible. At Serverfreak, we offer you the luxury to choose from several web hosting options. The question is how do you know which hosting plan is the right option for you? Here are some tips on how to select the best web hosting plan for your website, from both business and technical perspective.


The Basic Level: Shared Hosting

The shared hosting is the beginner hosting plan in every hosting company. In fact, the shared hosting is the most common and popular option among bloggers and small business owners.

In a shared hosting, your website will reside on a server (a physical computer) together with hundreds of other websites i.e. you are sharing the space with multiple website owners on a single server.  The main benefit of shared hosting is that the costs are low and affordable, however, the downside is that you are sharing the server resources as well as space: things like memory and the processor, which can have a direct impact on the performance of your website.  The most common problem encountered with shared hosting is the site loading speed. For example, if one of the hundreds of websites that are hosted along with your website starts to receive enormous loads of traffic, your website might face extremely slow loading speed or even offline during worst case scenario.  The slow loading speed can directly impact your work as a blogger or even causing potential loss of sale especially among e-commerce website owners.

For small businesses in general, the shared hosting features and specs can already fulfil their requirement.  This particularly applies if your website is a small online shop, a blog, a brochure-style website or a combination of these things. However, if your website is bigger though, or it is starting to grow at enormous pace, then you will need to consider upgrading your hosting plan to a bigger plan i.e. moving up to the next stages of hosting. On a side note, if slow loading speed of your website happens regularly and deemed unacceptable to you, you need to move on to the next hosting plan.


Need More Power? Try These Options

You will know this is happening when your IT guys starts to sound like Scotty in Star Trek demanding more power from his ship. You have two main options if you need more power for your servers:

  • Cloud Server
  • Dedicated Server

Cloud servers are considered as the “upgraded” version of shared hosting. With Cloud server, your website will be hosted in a group of server with multiple websites. But the main difference with shared hosting is that your website now will have its own specific allocation of resources. In cloud server, you do not get all of the memory, space and processing speed of the server, however, you get more than you do compare to what you get in a shared hosting plan. With cloud server, you can now have a peace of your mind knowing that it is less likely that a website on the same server as you will cause your website to go offline.


Meanwhile, a dedicated server will allow you 100% full control as you are the only website on the machine. There will be no one sharing the server resources unlike shared hosting. As a result, you get the maximum possible amount of space and performance. That is the main advantage with dedicated servers but two main downsides exist:

  • Dedicated server is the most expensive option
  • Dedicated server is the most difficult to set up and maintain – the maintenance and setup that comes as standard on shared or VPS servers either has to be done by you, or you have to pay more to your host

In short, cloud servers offer a good middle-of-the-road option.


In conclusion, below is the quick summary to sum up the difference between these 3 servers and hopefully this will help you to make a better informed decision before considering purchasing or upgrading your hosting plan. Be a savvy Serverfreak customer today!

  • Shared hosting– suitable for smaller websites with small to moderate amounts of traffic. Suitable if your website is lightweight and consumes low server resources.
  • Cloud server– if you run a bigger website, with higher traffic or want to reduce the possibility of your website going offline.
  • Dedicated hosting – if you run a really big website, or want more control over how it’s configured. No sharing of server resources i.e. 100% fully dedicated for your own use. Robust and able to withstand sudden spike in traffic.


P/S: Any more questions pertaining shared hosting, virtual private servers or even dedicated servers? Please feel free to reach out to us at Serverfreak today at sales@serverfreak.com



What Metrics Are Important When Choosing Your Hosting Plan?

Buying a cup of coffee at the Starbucks is akin to purchasing a web hosting plan from a web hosting company. One thing you won’t be short on is choice. It’s like someone going into a Starbucks coffee shop for the first time and they see a board containing loads of options with indecipherable names such as Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, and many more. But it is still all coffee. In addition, the barista will also make your choices becoming simple: big cup or small; sweetened or non-sweetened; almond milk or soy; strong or subtle.

Just like buying a coffee in Starbucks, buying a new web hosting plan is no different.  You still need to decide which type of package to purchase. Each hosting plan varies in performance and price but what metrics are important to consider when choosing your ideal hosting plan? And what features and Add-Ons you can ignore? Hence this article is written to explore the important features of a web hosting plan that will greatly assist you in your buying decision.


Technical Specifications

When it comes to technical specification of a server, you need to focus on 2 important things: the disk space and bandwidth. This applies to all servers including the shared server, virtual private server and dedicated server. If you’re buying a higher end hosting package you will also need to consider RAM.

Simply put: the bigger the number, the better the performance. Bigger numbers also mean a higher price. Disk space is about the size of your website, while bandwidth and RAM are about the amount of traffic that you get. Depending on the size and nature of your business, always ask yourself how much disk space and bandwidth is sufficient for your requirement.


Types of Server

The most basic form of a server is the shared server. Known as the “entry level” type of server, they typically have smaller disk space and bandwidth allocations than other types of server. They are also usually the cheapest option and the most popular choice among students and bloggers.

The next stage up is known as the Virtual Private Server or VPS. On this sort of server, more resources are allocated for your website. Hence, websites hosted in the VPS have higher loading speed compare to shared server. But the values of those resources can vary though, which means you will probably have several VPS options to choose from.

The next stage up is known as the Dedicated Server. With a dedicated server your website gets all the resources, which is why it is also the most expensive option. In short, you will get 100% full control of the server.

Besides these 3 servers, you can also get special web hosting plan tailored for certain uses. Managed WordPress and E-Commerce hosting are some of the popular hosting plans available at Serverfreak. Using “WordPress Hosting”, this makes the job of building and managing a website using WordPress much easier while “E-Commerce Hosting” allows you to develop your online store easily with Drag-&-Drop module without going through any hard coding.


Room to Grow

There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” hosting plan. Your buying decision will depend on the traffic you currently get to your website and the amount of traffic that you’re anticipating. It’s highly advisable to reach out to your hosting provider if you are doubtful about these estimates yourself.

Meanwhile, you can get estimates wrong, particularly if your website is more popular than you anticipate. It is therefore important that you can scale up your hosting to add more resources as your site gets bigger. This will be much cost-effective since you’re only paying for the resources your website gets to use.


FTP Access

This is an important criterion for every clients of shared server. Most modern websites will need FTP access and even more important if you or your developers need a high level of control over the files and configuration of your website.


Email Functionality

This is an important criterion if you want your emails formatted like yourname@yourcompany.com . In this case, your hosting provider will need to include email functionality in every hosting package. The biggest consideration with email is the level of security your host has in place to prevent spam.


How You are Going to Build the Website

If you plan to build your website with a site builder then consider the tools included with your hosting plan. Many people use a CMS like WordPress or something similar. If this is your approach, it’s helpful if your hosting provider includes simple installers so you can get up and running quickly.


Technical Support Assistance

Depending on how much you’re paying for your hosting plan, the levels of technical support available for you will vary. This can range from 9 to 5 email support to 24-hour telephone support. At Serverfreak, rest assured that you will have both email and telephone support available to address your concerns.



There is a famous idiom which says “You Get What You Pay For”. For web hosting, this is so true when it comes to allocating budget for your web hosting requirement. This is about finding the sweet spot – cheapest is rarely the best, and the most expensive often contains more power and features than you’ll ever use. Therefore, it’s advisable to weigh your options first before placing the order.

After reading this you’re probably envious of the baffled Starbucks coffee shop visitor mentioned earlier – at least she gets to drink a nice cup of Starbucks coffee once she’s made her choice. So let’s join her – grab a cup and then follow this plan:

  1. Decide on the type of website you are going to build (platform, size, etc.)
  2. Think about how much traffic you’re likely to get
  3. Talk to your website host about your options, focusing on the key points mentioned in this article

So get caffeinated and make sure you buy the right hosting plan from Serverfreak today!

One Server, One User

A dedicated server is referred as renting a server from a hosting company with a small capital by a (one) client. This server is recommended for cooperates site, high traffic forums, online gaming (because of the large storage or size of hard disk, ram and bandwidth) and those who want to have separate mail systems, web and database servers.

Wikipedia define Dedicated Server as “A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone.” Dedicated server has high total resources and performance compare to any other hosting services. This is because the client will own the entire server and it is not shared with others. One server, one user.

The privacy will be higher as the customization is dependent on the customer needs. The client will have the complete control including the choice of data centres, operating system, hardware and configuration of the server system. Other benefits are the data stored in the dedicated server will not be affected easily as there are no other users to cause problems. Data access is faster and high traffic is easily accommodated as they will not face the risk slowed down or swamped with traffic. Besides the client, nobody else has the permission or access to the server as the result security of dedicated server is higher.

It has no restriction on the bandwidth or CPU utilization and ideal for advanced users who want maximum freedom and flexibility. Most shared servers share a single IP address and have site traffic directed by the server; in contrast dedicated server has its own unique IP address. In the dedicated server a client can host unlimited websites and send unlimited emails per hour.

Dedicated servers are usually kept inside a data centres so they may be monitored by the hosting providers. An IT literal person is required to handle the dedicated server as the client will assign IT technicians to controls and maintains the server software. Meanwhile the service provider will monitor the computer’s hardware, network connectivity and routing equipment.

Besides choosing the dedicated server, placing it in a data centre is important too. Data centre must be accommodate with the basic facilities as redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. Choosing a hosting provider equal to choosing a dedicated server and data centre.

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New Dedicated Server Packages

ServerFreak has been providing quality dedicated servers at affordable prices. We always our best to provide the best and updated server specifications to our valued customers.

Once again, we have updated and re-launched three new dedicated server packages with new pricing!

Economy – Dedicated Server

Intel Pentium Dual Core
2048MB DDR2
1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs

At RM400/month

Waived setup fee for quarterly subscription
5% discount
for semi-annually subscription
10% discount
for annually subscription

Mid-Level – Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon Quad Core 3430
2 x 500GB SATA2
1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs

At RM650/month

Waived setup fee for quarterly subscription
5% discount
for semi-annually subscription
10% discount
for annually subscription

Performance – Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon Quad Core 5504
2 x 1TB SATA2
1Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPs

At RM1,150/month

Waived setup fee for quarterly subscription
5% discount
for semi-annually subscription
10% discount
for annually subscription

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Our servers are securely located at Jaring IDC, TPM, Malaysia. The data centers have been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in connectivity, power, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. For more information on our data centers, please visit http://www.web-hosting.net.my/data-center.html.