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Get the DEAL “Together-gether” – DEAL No.3

20% off for Elite Linux Shared Hosting package at RM240 instead of RM300 with FREE Domain & FREE E-commerce Site Template (worth RM1200)!

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Promotion Code: ecdeal

How It Works

  • Click on “Buy Now” to purchase the DEAL at special rate.
  • When the minimum number of buyers is reached, the DEAL is definitely taking place.
  • Share with your friends, colleagues and family members about this DEAL (via Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so that the chance of reaching the minimum buyers is higher!
  • In case the minimum number of buyers is not reached, the DEAL will not take place. In this case you will get a full refund of the fee you paid to your Maybank/Public Bank/CIMB bank account.
  • Visit us every week to see more new DEALS.

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is only applicable for new subscription of Elite Linux Shared Hosting package.
  • FREE Domain Registration applies to the following extensions only: .com,.net,.biz,.name,.org,.info.
  • FREE Domain has to be the primary domain name of the associated hosting account.
  • This promotion is only valid until 22 December 2010, 11.59pm.
  • This promotion is not applicable for any payment received after the promotion period even though the order is placed before the promotion ends.
  • Your order will only be activated once the minimum number of buyers is reached.
  • This promotion is not applicable for referral commission.
  • This promotion is not valid in conjunctions with other promotions, offers, discount and vouchers.
  • This is a one-time promotion where the next service renewal fee will be based on normal price.
  • There is only one FREE Site Template by default.
  • Business Logo/Business Name Logo must be provided to Serverfreak for header design.
  • Header Design will only be from our default pre-design list but we will insert your business name or logo into the design.
  • Images for main page animated banner must be provided to us in the size 960px (width) x 298px (height).
  • After payment, clients are to fill in the pre-design form. Serverfreak will design according to information provided by client in the form.
  • Product images will be uploaded by customer themselves.

Screen Shots


Header Sample


Demo Links




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Promosi JOM JIMAT “Bersama-Sama” – DEAL No.3

20% Diskaun untuk pakej Elite Linux Shared Hosting pada harga RM240 (Harga Asal: RM300) dengan Domain PERCUMA & Template Laman Web E-Commerce PERCUMA (Bernilai RM1200)!

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Kod Promosi: ecdeal

Bagaimana Untuk Menikmati Promosi Ini?

  • Klik pada “Buy Now” untuk menikmati promosi keemasan ini dan buat pembayaran anda.
  • Promosi ini hanya sah dan dimiliki anda sekiranya jumlah minima pembeli mencecah 10 orang.
  • Jadi, tunggu apa lagi, kongsilah info promosi ini bersama kawan-kawan, saudara-mara, ahli keluarga, rakan sekerja melalui Facebook,Twitter, SMS dan sebagainya supaya jumlah pembeli minima untuk promosi ini berjalan boleh dicapai!
  • Jangan Risau ! Sekiranya jumlah minimum pembeli tidak dicapai, ini bermakna promosi ini tidak dapat berjalan, pihak kami akan memulangkan jumlah penuh yang yang telah anda bayar kepada akaun Maybank/Public Bank/CIMB anda.
  • Nantikan promosi-promosi hebat yang berlainan setiap minggu!

Tema & Syarat

  • Promosi ini hanya sah untuk pendaftaran baru pakej Elite Linux Shared Hosting.
  • Nama domain PERCUMA hanya sah untuk pendaftaran domain com./net./biz./name./org./info.
  • Nama domain PERCUMA harus adalah nama domain utama kepada akaun hosting anda yang berkaitan.
  • Promosi ini hanya sah sehingga 22 Disember 2010, 11.59 malam.
  • Promosi ini tidak sah bagi pembayaran yang dibuat selepas tamat tempoh promosi walaupun
    anda telah membuat order sebelum tarikh tamat.
  • Promosi ini tidak sah bagi penerimaan komisen affiliate.
  • Promosi ini tidak boleh digunakan bersama-sama promosi,diskaun atau voucher lain.
  • Harga promosi ini hanya sah untuk pembelian setahun, dimana harga pembaharuan servis pada tahun seterusnya akan kembali pada harga asal pasaran.
  • Promosi ini hanya sah dan dimiliki anda sekiranya jumlah minima pembeli mencecah 10 orang.
  • Pakej Elite Linux Shared Hosting ini hanya datang dengan satu Template Laman Web PERCUMA.
  • Logo Syarikat/Organisasi anda harus diberikan kepada Serverfreak untuk design header.
  • Design Header akan dipilih dari koleksi header Serverfreak yang sedia ada tetapi logo syarikat anda akan dimasukkan ke header tersebut oleh kami.
  • Gambar untuk banner animasi pada laman utama harus diberikan kepada Serverfreak dalam saiz 960px (lebar) x 298px (tinggi).
  • Selepas pembayaran, pelanggan dikehendaki mengisi borang pra-design. Serverfreak akan menyedia laman web anda berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan oleh anda.
  • Gambar-gambar produk akan dimuat-naik oleh anda sendiri.

Screen Shots


Sample Header


Demo Links




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What to Look For When Shopping for a Shopping Cart

If you have a website and you have some products to sell, it really helps if you have an online shopping cart. There are many different shopping carts available, so it might be pretty hard to find out what to look for when shopping for a shopping cart. Here are some things that you need to know about shopping carts and how it can help your business or website.

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What is an E-Commerce “Plugin”?

What is an E-Commerce Plugin? Let’s answer this question. A plugin is a software that functions as an enhancer to your existing ecommerce website. By doing so, we do not need to spend a lot of money to customize a webpage or designing the webpage. For example, Joomla and WordPress are two of the most famous website scripts available for free. Both offer installation of plugins that you can maintained e.g. Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress, All-In One-SEO plugin, WP-Auto-Tags, Wassup, WP Retweet and so much more. These plugins are simple to install and easy to use. The best thing is that these plugins are available for free! Once you have installed these plugins, you just need to activate them inside your Admin Dashboard and you’re good to go!

What are the advantages of these plugins?

Well, plugins in general can help in the optimization of the webpage. And it helps in the socialization you will get with your customers. This could help your website in the long run because you would be able to connect to your clients or followers at all time. It becomes advantageous to you when you have an e-commerce site with established reputation. Many plugins are manageable and easy to understand. Also, majority of the plugins can be integrated with a lot of programs and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so you do not need to pay through the nose for it.

There are a lot of support forums that you can see and they are very willing to help out with the use of plugins. Learning about how a plugin works is not easy especially for people who aren’t at all familiar with technical stuff. Many still do not understand a plugin and how it works so they still do not know how to use it effectively. Also the level of learning for those plug in users are higher. Therefore it means that there should be a lot of technical support in order for this to work. Another important note is that plugins must be maintained regularly. The moment you do not update it, you would be giving more problems to the customers.

5 Important Factors to a Successful E-commerce Website

What are the 5 tips that an ecommerce website needs to have? Let’s take a peep on these tips and follow it.

  1. Create a well-designed process that meets customers’ buying needs. You must create a web page design whereby the potential customers would not easily get lost. Make sure that the search engine locator would lead the customer’s straight to your product profile page.
  2. The second tip is to make the buttons visible like for example, the word that says “buy now” or the name of the product. This is important that the customers would see what they are looking at and know it by just looking and may locate the button to purchase immediately.
  3. Third tip would be to lessen the number of buttons they need to press in order to buy your product. The longer it gets them to click finish, the longer it is for money to come in. Most people who do internet shopping want it quick and easy. They would get bored easily if they need to click too many times just to purchase your product. Lesser clicks mean faster transactions.
  4. The fourth tip is that you should make sure that the prices for your products are affordable and visible. This is important because as a buyer, you would want to know the prices first and is within your budget. Hiding the prices wouldn’t give you more customers because customers tend to assume that the product may be very expensive plus added hidden charges.
  5. Fast response and prompt delivery. Efficient online service is very important for customers. Nobody wants a slow and poor customer service. No matter what products and brand you sell make sure that you give your customers the best treatment ever because they would want to keep coming back if they are satisfied with what you offer.

3 Things You Need For E-commerce Success

What are the 3 things you need for e-commerce success? It’s as easy as pie. All you need first and foremost is to ensure your e-commerce site is saleable. Then you also have to make sure that you have a user friendly web page which is very much updated and in trend. And lastly, your e-commerce should have the advantage over others by offering online services for the customers. E-commerce has been so competitive these days and those who do not take extra precautions to it may lead to the lack of interest from the customers which in turn leading to poor sales and ultimately bankruptcy. You do not want this to happen to your business do you? That is why we always need to have our eyes and ears open to all sorts of comments and suggestions – both good and bad.

Your personal character is another important factor to e-commerce success. You must have the determination to be successful. The courage to fail, learn and get up from it and the diligence to monitor your incoming sales. It doesn’t mean that because you are earning money you stop there. No! The more earnings you have the more determination you need to earn more. Lack of discipline and laziness would be an effective way to cause your downfall. You have to reap what you have sown and to do this a lot of sacrifices must be made by you. Never doubt your capacity to do it. Once you have a tiny inch of doubt in you, it may turn the tables on you and lead you to disgrace. You must learn the ropes of positive thinking when you are doing business and avoid dirty plays. Give a kind word now and then and don’t forget to thank your customers for purchasing at your store. A simple gesture of thanks goes a long way for most people that is why it is very important to build good camaraderie with them. Send them an email thanking them for buying and state that you would hope to do business with them again.

Third, do not be troubled every time you stumble. In every business, it is always starting off as a trial and error. The more mistakes you make the stronger and wiser you become. It may be tempting to quit at times but as long as you overcome these obstacles you will surely overcome it. Don’t worry when you do not get what you want immediately, chances are because of these you gain knowledge and improve your ways of selling. To be a successful e-commerce business entrepreneur, make sure that the webpage design you have is attractive to people. Many people uses internet shopping because they wanted it to be a quick and easy so make sure that just an easy click they get to purchase what they want. The more buttons they need to press the more you invite them to have the option of searching for another place to shop. Your website must be inviting as well as fast. Also make sure that you post a lot of articles and keywords for the search engine to find you.

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your E-Commerce Business Website

Many people come to us purely with one mission which is “ I Would Like To Start An E-Commerce Business But I Do Not Know Where To Start”. I am talking about online business, not the online component of your “bricks and mortar” business . Contrary to the popular believe that E-Commerce business is aa easy as A-B-C, it will only be so should you have a strong foundation plan, but if you sit back and relax in the early stages, it will just be mere disappointment and stress in the later stages.

As much as we would be able to help you in the beginning steps to realise your business dreams, there are just many more items that you would really need to sort it out so that this business will be able to sustain in the long term. Why? Because this is your business and that you definitely know it much better than us in terms of your customer’s needs, marketing plans, product positioning, the websites management skills  that you have and what skills you need to pick up and many more..

Assuming you already have the domain name for your business in mind and had chosen your web host, the items below contain everything you’ll need to know before you can get your online store rolling. Read it, assemble the items and prepare to work long hours.

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