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Congratulations to Our Winners – FreakyFoto Contest

After a month of fierce competition (especially between the top 3 contestants), the FreakyFoto Contest finally comes to a perfect full-stop.

Congratulations to Sor Mo Molly, our winner of FreakyFoto Contest! And she have got herself a Canon IXUS 130 Digital Camera which worth RM1,100! She took part in the contest only after 2 weeks it is launched, and she took much effort to promote her freakyfoto on different social media like Facebook, Twitter and MSN, and her final votes reached 548 votes! Congratulations to her again!

The competition between the three runners-up was aggressive too, as their number of votes were very close to each other. The runners-up are AiMeiLi, Aeroplane, HoLSehLiao and they will be given a Western Digital TV Live HD Media Player (worth RM400), a Western Digital My Passport Elite Ultra-Portable Hard Drives 320GB (worth RM250), and a Logitech Speaker Set X-210 (worth RM130) respectively.

It does not only end here…We have ten consolation prizes for ten of our contestants who have got the 5th to 14th highest votes!

List of Winners

1st Prize
Sor Mo Molly

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

4th Prize

Consolation Prize (not in sequence)
Mr. WoW
Robot handsome
ayu (boc)
Insp. Chin

**A kind reminder to all winners, please submit your full personal details to wow@serverfreak.com so that we can make the arrangement for prize delivery.

Last but not least, ServerFreak would like to show our appreciation to each and every contestant who took place in this contest, and made this FreakyFoto Contest a successful one.

Hope to see you again in our upcoming event, in near future!

FreakyFoto Contest

To all Cam-Whore,

We know you like taking photos. Here’s the chance for you to show your cam-whoring talent! All you need to do is take a  photo of yourself with the FREAKIEST expression and upload it to FreakyFoto!

Stand a chance to win yourself a Digital Camera!

**Colour of prizes shown above are for illustration purpose only.
It is subject to colour of stock availability during prize presentation.

Only 5 simple steps:

1. Take a photo of yourself with the FREAKIEST face expression.

2. Upload your FREAKIEST photo to the FreakyFoto website.

3. Ask your friends to VOTE for you on the FreakyFoto website.

4. Ask more friends to VOTE for you so that your chances winning the first prize is Higher!

5. Wait for our GOOD NEWS!

Click to JOIN!

Terms & Conditions Apply.