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CloudFlare Railgun – Accelerate your website


As the world is reaching towards digital era, this requires mass data of information to be transferred every day, there is a need for technology boost so that information and dynamic content able reach user faster than before. In addition to uptime, website loading speed is crucial to the success of your online business. Hence why CloudFlare is widely use around the world. CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform.

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Now that we don’t have to worry anymore.

Railgun is the CloudFlare’s latest performance optimization technology that gives you significant improvements in site load times. The great news is, this special technology is offered free of charge to Cloudflare enabled domains.


Here, how this works.

Railgun improves the performance of the domain by caching content on your website that has usually been uncacheable. 

It does this by tracking changes to website’s content on the byte level and improving the connection between ServerFreak’s servers, Cloudflare’s servers and the visitor to your website.  Many can enjoy benefits from this technology, especially, a site with slowly- changing content would benefit the most from Railgun.  


Technically, Railgun uses a different compression technique to speed up the website performance. It authorizes traffic through a special protocol that would normally travel between Cloudflare and your web server over HTTP, which speeds up and secures the connection.

According to Cloudflare, this has resulted in a 730% performance increase where it successfully achieves 99.6% compression ratio on average.  As a result, an average website can expect a 1.43x performance increase.


In short, Railgun transfers only the changes in markup from one request to the next instead of transferring the entire request between Cloudflare and your environment.  Thus, this cuts down on bandwidth, transfer time and overall page load times. Railgun caches these difference in memory to make page processing as fast as possible.


What does this mean for ServerFreak’s Clients?

As CloudFlare Optimized Partner, we deliver their simple, yet effective solution to help protect and accelerate your website. ServerFreak’s clients can quickly and easily activate CloudFlare for their website. Simply let us know if you wish to activate Railgun on your website today.

This is Great, How to subscribe this Railgun?

We take performance and security seriously, and this new Partnership with CloudFlare only strengthens our dedication to speed and security for our customers.

Check out our hosting plans with CloudFlare, or contact us today (sales@serverfreak.com)


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Shared Hosting versus Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting or Cloud Hosting? As emphasized before, the choice is dependent on the hosting needs for your business or personal requirement. The big organization’s needs or heavy traffic sites wouldn’t be accommodated in the shared hosting. There are differences between the Shared Server and Cloud Server in certain areas which influence the decision of choosing the best hosting package. There are some common traits between them as well. Shared Server and Cloud server allow a single server to provide services to multiple users. Both hosting services have some level compartmentalization for the different users’ usage. And more highlighted these are the economical alternative for the dedicated server.

The differences can be rectified by six focal criteria. The criteria are customization, resources, performance, scalability, limitation of email, website, and security. Firstly, the software customization for shared hosting is not allowed but it is allowable for the Cloud Server. The client can choose an operating system, control panels, software based on their convenient. This is included with the root access to the server for the clients. They can reboot at any time. Secondly, the total resources for the Cloud Server are higher compared to the shared hosting server. As the consequences, the performance of the Cloud Server is greater.

Thirdly, the scalability or users per server for shared hosting are roughly 250 users or can be more than that if it is oversold by web hosting providers.  Meanwhile for Cloud server are only 20 users. In the Cloud Server environment, a user will not be affected by other users since the user is isolated from each other in the server. The security level is lower for shared hosting server and higher for Cloud Server.  For an example, an account in the shared hosting is hacked by a hacker and the possibilities other accounts in the same server affected is higher. But if an account hacked in Cloud server, the other accounts won’t be affected.

The limitations of sending emails or host website differ too. In the Cloud server, there is no limitation. The clients can send unlimited emails and host unlimited websites. As reverse, the clients are allowed to send 150 emails only per hour (differ depends on different web hosting providers) and certain figures to host websites in an account for shared hosting.

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The differences of Shared Server and Cloud Server have been simplified in the table below:

table (1)