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CloudFlare Railgun – Accelerate your website


As the world is reaching towards digital era, this requires mass data of information to be transferred every day, there is a need for technology boost so that information and dynamic content able reach user faster than before. In addition to uptime, website loading speed is crucial to the success of your online business. Hence why CloudFlare is widely use around the world. CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform.

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Now that we don’t have to worry anymore.

Railgun is the CloudFlare’s latest performance optimization technology that gives you significant improvements in site load times. The great news is, this special technology is offered free of charge to Cloudflare enabled domains.


Here, how this works.

Railgun improves the performance of the domain by caching content on your website that has usually been uncacheable. 

It does this by tracking changes to website’s content on the byte level and improving the connection between ServerFreak’s servers, Cloudflare’s servers and the visitor to your website.  Many can enjoy benefits from this technology, especially, a site with slowly- changing content would benefit the most from Railgun.  


Technically, Railgun uses a different compression technique to speed up the website performance. It authorizes traffic through a special protocol that would normally travel between Cloudflare and your web server over HTTP, which speeds up and secures the connection.

According to Cloudflare, this has resulted in a 730% performance increase where it successfully achieves 99.6% compression ratio on average.  As a result, an average website can expect a 1.43x performance increase.


In short, Railgun transfers only the changes in markup from one request to the next instead of transferring the entire request between Cloudflare and your environment.  Thus, this cuts down on bandwidth, transfer time and overall page load times. Railgun caches these difference in memory to make page processing as fast as possible.


What does this mean for ServerFreak’s Clients?

As CloudFlare Optimized Partner, we deliver their simple, yet effective solution to help protect and accelerate your website. ServerFreak’s clients can quickly and easily activate CloudFlare for their website. Simply let us know if you wish to activate Railgun on your website today.

This is Great, How to subscribe this Railgun?

We take performance and security seriously, and this new Partnership with CloudFlare only strengthens our dedication to speed and security for our customers.

Check out our hosting plans with CloudFlare, or contact us today (sales@serverfreak.com)


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How to avoid Chrome Browser’s ‘Not Secure’ Warning

Hi Readers!

2017 brought a number of changes to Google’s online security policy as they are working towards enforcing a secure internet.

Cyber hackers can easily encrypt information from user’s web browser to the web page’s server if not protected. Thus, Secure Socket Layer has been introduced to ensures users can browse and enter their private information without it being compromised.

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Website owners especially websites that collect credit card information and password have been warned to apply Secure Socket layer to their site since September 2016, starting in January, Google started labeling some HTTP website as non-secure. Website owners may risk a lose search ranking and organic traffic as Google announced in 2014, this HTTP will be part of their ranking signal other than to gain user trust and security. There are steps that need to be taken to avoid losing search traffic and ranking. Here are Google’s recommendation on Site moves with URL changes


Coming this October, Google Chrome will explicitly label any HTTP web page containing a text input field (such as a search bar) as not “Not Secure”. Consumers will see a “Not Secure” warning and icon in the address bar when unsecured (HTTP) web pages that collect data load. Consumers will also see a “Not Secure” warning on any web page they browse to in incognito mode.


How Can You Tell If You Have an SSL Certificate Installed?

Type https://www.your-domain-name.com into your Google Chrome browser

If you see the green lock, this is good and means that you do have an SSL certificate installed.
If you see the red warning, this is bad and means you don’t have an SSL certificate installed.

We highly recommend you take action and obtain an SSL certificate for your website before Chrome 62 roll-out this October.


Here what you can do :
If you have already owned a website, you can purchase SSL from us here: https://www.web-hosting.net.my/ssl-certificates.html

Pre-Sales FAQ

1) I want to start a website with SSL. Which package should I subscribe?

Semi pro and above. Our hosting package here shared hosting

2) If I have SSL cert, can ServerFreak help us install this cert? How much will you charge?

Yes, do provide us the SSL cert and we will help install for you. RM 95.00 is charged for setup fees.


3) I want to install SSL to my sub- domains too. Which SSL package should I subscribe?

Positive SSL Wildcard Rm550/year exclude GST + RM 95.00 Setup Fees exclude GST

– 1 Domain with Subdomain


4) Should I install SSL with ‘www’ or without ‘www’?

The SSL certificate can be installed in either ‘www’ or without ‘www’. If you install the cert in ‘www’, your site visitors will see invalid cert message when they try to visit https://abc.com because the certificate must match the address they visit.

5) I have a website with ServerFreak, but my website still appears to HTTP, what should I do?

Let us know your domain name and we help check for you. If you are currently on Basic and Value package, we would highly recommend you to upgrade Semi-Pro package and above comes with Free Unlimited SSL.


6) What is the difference between Free SSL in Semi-Pro and Postive SSL ?

The difference is Free SSL in Semi Pro is auto- updated every 3 months and do not have a warranty. Positive SSL comes with $10,000 Warranty and updated every 1 year.

7) I have purchased your SSL and has been install. How to verify this SSL?

You can verify the SSL validity via SSL Shopper
Have more questions? Reach us sales@serverfreak.com





Why do you need SSL?

Perhaps most of you still wondering why my website need SSL?

SSL functions to encrypt information between a server and a client. It is a link between a web server and a browser to make sure all data that is transmitted is protected and not intercepted by malicious parties.


Data protection

data protection

There are many personal and private data such as log in details, credit card information and personal information like identification number , address and telephone numbers. SSL makes sure datas are sent to intended recipients only. This is especially important for those who operates e-commerce sites or even membership sites that handle sensitive information on a daily basis. 

For corporate use, SSL helps to encrypt sensitive information such as email password that are transmitted between the email client (e.g. Outlook) and the email server.  Using security protocol such as SSL/TLS, the email server verifies its identity to the email client by sending a certificate that is trusted by the user’s software, or by a third party trusted by it. Doing so ensures that the email client isn’t sending messages to an imposter. Once the client knows it can trust the server, a key is exchanged between the two, which allows all messages sent and received to be encrypted.


Make sure your website is secure

greeen padlock

Having a green padlock on the URL bar assures your site visitor that you are indeed a legit site and not a fraud. Https instead of http may assure the visitors that your site can be trusted.


My website does not handle sensitive data, do I still need SSL ?


SSL helps in improving SEO ranking.Google had previously mentioned that secured sites will have higher rankings in the search engine. If you want your site to be noticed and have a higher traffic, you should definitely consider installing SSL.


Does SSL reduce the website’s speed?


Yes, encrypting and decrypting data will indeed consume time and cpu resources, thus slowing the site’s speed. However, you can opt to exclude some of your webpages where SSL is not necessary. In addition, http/2 is here to solve the problem and improve website’s performance even through SSL connection.


How to obtain SSL certificate?

1.You may buy an annual SSL certificate from Serverfreak.

2.Purchase a hosting package that is semi-pro or above that comes with free shared SSL.

Internet Surpasses Television as Main News Source for Young Adults

This seems a good news for many of us who are in the online business field.

A study from the Pew Research Center shows that the Internet has become the main national and international news source for people ages 18 to 29. This has also shown, indirectly, that the Internet is now the main information source for these people, and the opportunity of approaching our potential customers online will be greater from time to time.

This research was conducted among 1,500 adults from different age groups of 18 – 29, 30 – 49, 50 – 64 and above 65 years old. Below are the graphs illustrating the trend of the public’s media selection when it comes to national and international news:

Graph 1: Internet as the Main News Source

Graph 2: Internet as the Main News Source

In 2010, 65% of people younger than 30 cited the Internet as their go-to source for news, showing a dramatic increase of 31% from 34% in 2007. On the other hand, of the same age group, the number who considers television as their main news source has dropped from 68% to 52% during that time.

The same trend also applies across all age groups. 41% of all the 1,500 adults surveyed cited the Internet as their main source for national and international news, which is up 17% from 2007. Meanwhile, the number who cited television as their main news source has decreased from 74% to 66% from 2007 to 2010.

From Graph 1, it can be seen that the percentage of people using the Internet to source for news is nearly doubling of the number in 2007. Today, even though television is still considered as the main news source for those who are 30 and above, this number is experiencing a modest decrease from year to year. It is believed that the Internet will soon take over television as the main source for national and international news in the near future.

These numbers fall in line with the rise of the personalized news stream online. Both Facebook’s News Feed and Twitter launched in summer 2006 and both have seen explosive growth since 2008. Tweet counts have increased from 5,000 daily in 2007 to 90 million daily in 2010, while Facebook went from 30 million users in 2007 to more than 500 million users today.

In addition, the television viewership culture has shifted in the past few years. Today, people have more viewing options than ever before, like media streaming services on the web and Internet-TV connection devices like Roku and Boxee.

Have you seen the great potential opportunity to put your business online now?  Let’s get started: www.serverfreak.com


Contributed by Meghan Peters, summarized by WOW.