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Rent A Movie by Just ‘LIKE’ It

Movie lovers AND Facebook users… Check this out!!!!!!

Do you ever wish to watch movie and chat with your Facebook friend at a same time?

Your dream has come true.  How? A Hollywood studio and a social networking have teamed up to entertain the movie lovers by renting films through online. Yes, it’s true. Warner Bros. studio is a first Hollywood studio to offer movie rental through Facebook.

On Tuesday 8th of March 2011, Warner Bros. announced it will allow Facebook users to rent and watch movies in browser. How it works? For 30 Facebook credits or $3, users can rent movies through their Facebook account for 48 hours. The most interesting part is while they are watching movie; viewers will have full Facebook functionality where they can post comments on the movie, chat with their friends and also can update their status.

The honor as the first movie is given to the famous movie “The Dark Knight”. This was one of my favorite movies as I couldn’t forget the character “The Joker” acted by Heath Ledger. I still remember the lies The Joker will tell to the victims about his torn mouth.

Starting on Tuesday, the Facebook users in United States can start to click “LIKE” the official page of “The Dark Knight” and can “rent” the movie. They will have the full control to watch it in full screen, minimized, paused and resumed simply by logging back to Facebook within the 48 hours. I can’t wait to watch it in Facebook but….

At the moment the online movie rental service on Facebook only available in the United States. We just can hope there will be a good outcome and Warner Bros. can expand to other countries and with lots of more movies.

This is a certainly a major twist in the movie streaming industrial landscape.