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ServerFreak : cPanel Price Hike Guide


cPanel has announced a new licensing and pricing structure. All current cPanel Reseller Hosting subscription will have a limitation on cPanel accounts and price change. This licensing structure change goes into effect on 1st October 2019.

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What Metrics Are Important When Choosing Your Hosting Plan?

Buying a cup of coffee at the Starbucks is akin to purchasing a web hosting plan from a web hosting company. One thing you won’t be short on is choice. It’s like someone going into a Starbucks coffee shop for the first time and they see a board containing loads of options with indecipherable names such as Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, and many more. But it is still all coffee. In addition, the barista will also make your choices becoming simple: big cup or small; sweetened or non-sweetened; almond milk or soy; strong or subtle.

Just like buying a coffee in Starbucks, buying a new web hosting plan is no different.  You still need to decide which type of package to purchase. Each hosting plan varies in performance and price but what metrics are important to consider when choosing your ideal hosting plan? And what features and Add-Ons you can ignore? Hence this article is written to explore the important features of a web hosting plan that will greatly assist you in your buying decision.


Technical Specifications

When it comes to technical specification of a server, you need to focus on 2 important things: the disk space and bandwidth. This applies to all servers including the shared server, virtual private server and dedicated server. If you’re buying a higher end hosting package you will also need to consider RAM.

Simply put: the bigger the number, the better the performance. Bigger numbers also mean a higher price. Disk space is about the size of your website, while bandwidth and RAM are about the amount of traffic that you get. Depending on the size and nature of your business, always ask yourself how much disk space and bandwidth is sufficient for your requirement.


Types of Server

The most basic form of a server is the shared server. Known as the “entry level” type of server, they typically have smaller disk space and bandwidth allocations than other types of server. They are also usually the cheapest option and the most popular choice among students and bloggers.

The next stage up is known as the Virtual Private Server or VPS. On this sort of server, more resources are allocated for your website. Hence, websites hosted in the VPS have higher loading speed compare to shared server. But the values of those resources can vary though, which means you will probably have several VPS options to choose from.

The next stage up is known as the Dedicated Server. With a dedicated server your website gets all the resources, which is why it is also the most expensive option. In short, you will get 100% full control of the server.

Besides these 3 servers, you can also get special web hosting plan tailored for certain uses. Managed WordPress and E-Commerce hosting are some of the popular hosting plans available at Serverfreak. Using “WordPress Hosting”, this makes the job of building and managing a website using WordPress much easier while “E-Commerce Hosting” allows you to develop your online store easily with Drag-&-Drop module without going through any hard coding.


Room to Grow

There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” hosting plan. Your buying decision will depend on the traffic you currently get to your website and the amount of traffic that you’re anticipating. It’s highly advisable to reach out to your hosting provider if you are doubtful about these estimates yourself.

Meanwhile, you can get estimates wrong, particularly if your website is more popular than you anticipate. It is therefore important that you can scale up your hosting to add more resources as your site gets bigger. This will be much cost-effective since you’re only paying for the resources your website gets to use.


FTP Access

This is an important criterion for every clients of shared server. Most modern websites will need FTP access and even more important if you or your developers need a high level of control over the files and configuration of your website.


Email Functionality

This is an important criterion if you want your emails formatted like yourname@yourcompany.com . In this case, your hosting provider will need to include email functionality in every hosting package. The biggest consideration with email is the level of security your host has in place to prevent spam.


How You are Going to Build the Website

If you plan to build your website with a site builder then consider the tools included with your hosting plan. Many people use a CMS like WordPress or something similar. If this is your approach, it’s helpful if your hosting provider includes simple installers so you can get up and running quickly.


Technical Support Assistance

Depending on how much you’re paying for your hosting plan, the levels of technical support available for you will vary. This can range from 9 to 5 email support to 24-hour telephone support. At Serverfreak, rest assured that you will have both email and telephone support available to address your concerns.



There is a famous idiom which says “You Get What You Pay For”. For web hosting, this is so true when it comes to allocating budget for your web hosting requirement. This is about finding the sweet spot – cheapest is rarely the best, and the most expensive often contains more power and features than you’ll ever use. Therefore, it’s advisable to weigh your options first before placing the order.

After reading this you’re probably envious of the baffled Starbucks coffee shop visitor mentioned earlier – at least she gets to drink a nice cup of Starbucks coffee once she’s made her choice. So let’s join her – grab a cup and then follow this plan:

  1. Decide on the type of website you are going to build (platform, size, etc.)
  2. Think about how much traffic you’re likely to get
  3. Talk to your website host about your options, focusing on the key points mentioned in this article

So get caffeinated and make sure you buy the right hosting plan from Serverfreak today!

Why do we need a website?

There are still people wondering do they need a website for their business or not? Or their answer would be “I’m a small organization and I wouldn’t need it”. There can be 10 reasons for not having a website but there are 100 reasons for you to have a website. Owning a website doesn’t depend on the size of the business but the usage of the website and the benefits to you.

Firstly, you can promote the products and services of your company to others. The explanations and the reimbursement can be included within the website. The clients, by themselves can justify and choose the product. Some customer testimonials are better idea to lead them (your potential customers).

Website saves your money. How this is possible? The information in the website can greatly reduce printing and mailing costs. Information that you now distribute via handouts, brochures and newsletters is readily available online, avoiding print and distribution costs. Besides that, you can frequently update the latest promotion, sales or discounts to attract your customers. They or you wouldn’t have to regret when the promotion passes and both of you couldn’t enjoy the benefits. You can update the latest news about your organization and share it with the customers.

Website helps to improve branding of your company and products. Your organization and company must appear differently to your customers from your competitor and show the loyalty to them. The information, content, appearance in the website may makes you different from your customers’ point of view. Most importantly if the appearance doesn’t match the services, you may be at risk. First impression is very important. The first thought of the clients on your website may create trust and loyalty in them towards you. If you failed to do this you may lose your prospects sales but also their loyalty away from you with their website.  Don’t let others to grab your customers.

As the proverb ‘aim for the star and you will reach the sky’.  You may reach the international market with the help of your website even if you have started in your country. Static shows as two-third Americans are using the internet email, education, research and more importantly for entertainment. In this era 2000, people prefer to use internet for buying things rather than window shopping (such as eBay or e-commerce sites). Other than that, your website can be informational for your customers and educate them.

Choose a professional web designer and a supportive web hosting provider to build your web site. We Serverfreak do provide exclusive packages at affordable price for web design and web hosting. Do check us out always =)


Have you heard the word “Overselling”? What does that mean? Is it necessary for you to know about it? Yes! OVER-SELL-ING means selling a product beyond the limitation. What does it do with the web hosting? It has the key for the server performance. In the web hosting arena it is mainly talks about the disk space and bandwidth.

Let me give you an example for more understanding. A web hosting provider might have a server with 10GB hard drive and 100GB of bandwidth.  The provider starts to sell the product with a package; 1GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth for 150$ USD. 10 clients have bought the plans and the hosting provider is now has sold the complete server. The income is 1500$ USD. But then the company has identified the total usage of the disk and bandwidth is 5GB and 70GB only for the past 5 months by their 10 customers. In this situation ‘OVERSELLING’ plays its role.

The particular web hosting provider tends to sell more 20 or 1000 plans from the same server assuming their clients wouldn’t use the total allocated space and bandwidth for them every month. They are particularly selling their clients’ allocated space to others. The hosting provider may earn double or triple income on the same server. OR the hosting provider may tends to offer the plan at the cheapest price since a server ‘can’ accommodate more than 1000 websites but did anyone think about the server performance?

This gambling or over usage may go in a smooth way without clients realising it. But, there will be symptoms soon or later. The problem will arise when there are some or most of the clients’ sites get high traffics or peak hours at a same time. The extra bandwidth is engaged with other web sites on the same server.  In the result, the server will have the difficulties to performe better as it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support the websites.

There are certain hosting provider give priority for the quality of the server performance and the satisfaction of the customers. Meanwhile some clients give the importance for their website speed and more concern on the downtime. The quota or the prices paying by these clients will be higher but guarantee of the technical support and server uptime will be there for them.

P.S. Does the meaning of the word ‘unlimited’ exist?

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This year, 2011, marks our 8th year of serving hosting clients around the world.

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What is Web Hosting? – a frequently asked question

I believe some of you have heard of this term but have no idea on what is it.

Here we present you our in-house video clip on this topic: What is Web Hosting?

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What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an Auto Installer script which has installed free in the web hosting control panel such as cPanel. It allows the installation of web applications with the click of  few buttons. Numeric applications are available to be easily installed, including web portals, e-commerce shops, content management systems, blogs, forums and more. Most of the applications are open-source and available at zero figure.

There are more than 190 scripts. According to the Softaculous Incorporates, additional scripts are in the making. Before installing the script, user can try the demo and search for an applications based on their convenient. The choice of the scripts can be embarked on the reviews and ratings the users have rated on each script. You can have a look and play ‘web design game’ at this link: http://www.softaculous.com/softwares. The highlight is the script can be installed with just a few ‘clicks’ and it is FAST. The user will not have the headache process of Individual Script installers. “Everything from copying the files to creating a Database is done by Softaculous”- Softaculous Inc. It can also create backups of the software it installs.

What is the significance of these scripts in the web hosting? Softaculous auto installer helps you streamline the design and build your sites. The user can build the website faster and easier as  desired. For example, bloggers can build a gorgeous blog with the WordPress script or forum on phbBB and shop online on Magento in seconds. The scripts are user friendly. Users can manage the website and design it. They can save the cost and money on the web design. The user can choose the theme, image, colour for the background of their website, upload images and many more. There are lot choices of free themes and plugins available for each of the scripts to choose from. You can build your website by yourself.

Softaculous provides better security as it is pre-configured for strong security. The updates of the applications are faster and will frequently update every hour with the latest version. Softaculous always tries to upgrade each of the scripts and provide better options for the users.

What is Web Hosting?

How Websites Can Be Viewed Online? Web Hosting & Domain Name Explained

To those who are new in the online world, this article may benefit you and hopefully will give you a good understanding on how exactly you are able to view all the websites you have been viewing online.

All the websites you view today be it google.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com and even this very page you are viewing now under wow.serverfreak.com does not exist automatically. These names (google.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com) are known as domain names. These domain names are then hosted on servers so that you and I can finally view it online.

Website, Web Hosting and Domain Name are three DIFFERENT things.

Website is just pages of contents that you have written or built. Without Web Hosting and Domain Name, people will not be able to locate (find) your website.

So, in layman’s term web hosting is your house where you can store all your furniture, clothes, toys,  kitchen utensils (your website content or pages)  and in order that people are able to find your house (your website), you need to have an address ( which is your domain name ).

In a nutshell, web hosting refers to “storage space for your website” while domain name refers to “address” that people will need to look for in order to find your website.

Which Web Hosting Package is the BEST for You?

Hosting package

The choice of hosting package depends on your storage requirement.

If you are business owner and wish to create a website for your company, we would highly recommend you to go for Semi-Pro package (25GB storage)  as this package comes with FREE unlimited SSL to all domains hosted under this package. Read more on Why you need SSL. Not just that, this package also comes with 1 Free Lifetime Domain where you can choose from .com/.biz/.net. This means as long as you subscribed to our hosting package, we will renew your domain for FREE!


As the storage allocated for each package are for email accounts and website, we would highly recommend to go for Value package (10GB storage) and above if you wish to host a website and at the same time need to create email account.

Meanwhile, if you need hosting for email, and wish to create minimum 10 email accounts, you may start with Basic package (3GB storage) and upgrade whenever your need arises

From the storage allocated, you can allocate on how many GB for each email accounts and your website.


Domain Allowed

Domain allowed in each hosting may differ from each package. This show on how many website you can host under each package with the allocated storage.

FREE Unlimited SSL

If you already subscribed to our Semi-Pro hosting package don’t forget to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL with this tutorial on How you can easily issue FREE SSL cert  for all your domain hosted under the Semi-Pro plan and above



Some of you might still wondering, what is bandwidth, it simply means total amount of data (calculated in MB/GB) viewed/uploaded/downloaded by your visitors within a month. Total of bandwidth usage will collected everyday until end of the month. Whether you have maximized the  bandwidth or not, the bandwidth will be reset again to zero (0) on the following month.


Powered  by Litespeed

This simply means that LiteSpeed Web Server is used instead of using the traditional Apache web server, which provides large boost in performance to your WordPress website.


Optimized for WordPress

Our hosting package fully optimized for WordPress


What’s the difference between WordPress hosting and cpanel shared hosting?

This package is designed for users that use WordPress as their website platform and normally

WordPress website requires high resource especially when there are many plugins used on the website. Thus,  WordPress Hosting has been designed to has more resource allocation in terms (CPU/RAM and ‘Concurent Process’)  compared to cpanel shared hosting. See Linux Shared Hosting Account Resources Allocation Table


If you are seeing error 508 on your site, this means that your resources limit has reached the maximum. You can proceed to upgrade your package to the next package. Please use this tutorial to upgrade your package or simply reach us sales@serverfreak.com to know how much you should topup for the upgrade.

How should I start with this hosting package?

Once the payment cleared, you should receive new account information send to your registered email account with ServerFreak. From here you can look for information on cpanel login credentials. Login to your cpanel account and you may start with this WordPress Easy Setup

If you require further assistance, feel free to contact us at sales@serverfreak.com


How to export Blogger to ServerFreak hosting package

You may export all text and photos to WordPress, but please note that you are unable to export widgets and templates from Blogspot to WordPress.

To export from Blogspot to WordPress, kindly refer this tutorial

If you are not sure on how to do this, kindly provide us your Blogspot login details with the domain hosting name that you wish to migrate. Our technical support will assist you on this.





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